Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Radio Indradhanush - How to play it on your Desktop/Laptop or Smartphone/iPhone!

Radio Indradhanush is an online radio station where you can listen to evergreen songs from Hindi movies anytime anywhere, without any break. Besides this, we also present special programs “Ek Kahaani Kuchh Naghme” (recital of choicest stories) and “Fursat Ke Pal” (tidbits of interesting information and entertainment) on every Sunday!

You can play Radio Indradhanush on your Desktop/Laptop or Smartphone/iPhone by using any of the following options -

(1) Click/touch the link given on Play Radio page of this website

(2) Click/touch any of the widets/buttons seen on right hand side of your screen

(3) Click/touc any of the links given below:

(4) firstly installing any of the following Apps on your phone, then searching for Radio Indradhanush in the installed App, and then playing it through that App:

Apps available in Google Play Store for playing Radio Indradhanush on Smartphone/Android Phone

Apps available in Apple App Store for playing Radio Indradhanush on iPhone:

Note: All the Apps, whose links are given above, are absolutely safe and free.

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